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Why CPR?

I've raised four kids: two girls, two boys. Total number of trips to the emergency room: 7. Combined number of stitches, staples, and casts: 11. Thankfully, I was able to obtain timely medical care and now all of their breaks and scrapes have healed. But what if I had faced a life threatening emergency? What if I hadn't known what to do? What if there had been a delay in obtaining medical care, something as common as rush hour traffic? What if my child had stopped breathing and the situation was critical? What would I have done?

There are few skills that are as easy to learn, while also bearing life-saving potential, as CPR. What would you do if someone were choking, drowning or in an accident? It's quite simple: Knowing how to perform CPR can help you save the life of your child or loved one.

It doesn't take long, doesn't cost much and means all the difference between being able to act fast or just standing helplessly by. Which would you want for your child?

A mother performing CPR on her infant A mother performing a specific CPR technique